Eugene A., Corporate Insurance Client

Thanks so much. You are really going above and beyond.

Eugene A.
Corporate Insurance Client

Robert S, CFP, Corporate & Personal Insurance Client

Great experience with the firm. Made it remarkably easy to make cost-saving changes to my coverage.

Robert S, CFP
Corporate & Personal Insurance Client

P&M, Multiple Residence & High-Value Automobile Client

You truly stand apart from any insurance experience we’ve ever had.

Multiple Residence & High-Value Automobile Client

Bridget R., Directors & Officers Coverage Client

The points you raise make a good deal of sense, especially about the heightened need to protect directors.

Bridget R.
Directors & Officers Coverage Client

Mary M., High-Value Homeowner

I am so happy you suggested we switch over. The new policy is so much better for us all around.

Mary M.
High-Value Homeowner


Just wanted to tell you how good your employees are…Joanna just took care of sending my rental policy to Wells Fargo – so helpful, knowledgeable, and nice.  And Bethany was just getting ready to call me back – so attentive. Says a lot about your business!


Mark Rosenberg

Thanks again for getting the quick payment from AIG Private Client for the repair to Sandy’s Rolex watch.

Mark Rosenberg

Minfun Kwan

You and your colleagues’ services have been excellent!  Keep up with the good work.

Minfun Kwan

Janet Elman, Business Environments, LLC

Thank you very much for getting this done.  You are awesome!  The service Madison has provided to me personally is outstanding and I will continue to recommend your company on a personal and business level.  Let me know when you receive the quote for the auto insurance.

Michael J Setola

Thank you. I am really glad you guys have held my Moms hand thru this. She has been a bit shaken by the experience, so her having a partner in the process means a lot to me. If there is anything you need from me, or if you feel my mom needs a hand or a push, don’t hesitate to reach me.

Michael J Setola

Tom Donahoe, Homeland Foundations

You guys have been great… The employees at Wethersfield have a great respect for your guys and I share that as well.  You’ve been quite efficient.

Mark Taffet, Opton Line

Thank you for your professionalism.  I have never had the privilege of working with someone as professional, responsible and responsive as you.

Mark Taffet

GJ Cloninger and CO., Art Consultants – Picture Framing Specialists

Sue, thanks for your diligence in solving this for me. You’re a great addition to Madison Insurance!

Matthew J. Fleissig, CIMA® Pathstone Family Office, LLC.

You guys are amazing!  Thanks again for everything.

Marc J. Brookman, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Thank you for everything.  You guys have all made my accident almost a pleasant experience if that’s possible.

Debbie Stora, Boonton Schools

Have I told you how great you are lately? Thank you!!!

Debbie Stora

Patricia Wolfangel

Angie! You are a true professional and have been an amazing partner! Please send this note to your boss / they need to hear from a client how amazing you are!!!

Patricia Wolfangel

Tricia Mastrojohn, Tire Craft Office

I just wanted to say thanks for all your help looking over us these past 2 weeks.  We really appreciate all you’ve done and how quickly you’ve been to call in our claim and get things taken care of for us.

Tricia Mastrojohn

Pamela Henley, Liberty Mutual

Thank you so much. You are so nice and so professional. Truly a cut above the rest.

Pamela Henley

Maribeth Southworth

I love you guys.

Maribeth Southworth

Sal Candarella, ROI-Management

You guys are good.

Sal Candarella

Michelle, AEPG, Personal Insurance Client

Thanks for all of your help in getting my coverage at a lower price.  It has been a positive experience!

Adam J. Schoenberg, HOOK & ALBERT

Your team is amazing,

Adam J. Schoenberg

Joanne, Skylands

You and your agency are just terrific. I’m so thrilled that I changed over to you guys. You’re everything and more than I anticipated.


Joyce Cafaro, Homeland Foundation Inc.

Thanks for another year of impeccable service!

Lorrinda Presuto, Opton Line

Thank you.  You and your staff have been so helpful and caring. It’s always a pleasure to work with Madison Insurance.

Lorrinda Presuto

Mabel Gill, Flexicon

I just wanted to thank you very much for your help while we were on vacation. I have no idea how you deal with so many medical bills, doctors, and insurances. You are AMAZING!!!

Mabel Gill

Darren Pico, MSI Technologies, LLC.

I wanted to first thank both you and Greg for coming in this morning… we all were saying when you left how great of an experience it has been working with you both.

Janet Elman

Everything went well. Servpro picked up their equipment today, they did a great job.  I’m going in for a shot in my back today so the adjuster is coming out on Monday.  Thank you for everything, you guys are great!

Janet Elman


Thanks for everything, best communication with insurance that I have every had!