Madison Insurance Group

Specializes in crafting comprehensive insurance solutions for high-net-worth businesses, individuals, and families

About Us

Madison Insurance Group

Madison Insurance Group specializes in crafting comprehensive insurance solutions for high-net-worth businesses, individuals, and families. Established in 1998, we possess a proven track record in designing coherent insurance coverage for the most complex portfolios. When standard insurance falls short, we customize a solution that delivers the protection you need without complicating management.


Our commercial coverage is meticulously designed to suit your business needs. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing coverage, identify any gaps that could leave you exposed, and determine the optimal insurance amount to safeguard your company—and you. Transforming your assortment of policies into a streamlined solution ensures ease of management regardless of your business’s scale. Additionally, we can help reduce your employee-related risks and costs.

Group Benefits


We design our group insurance and employee benefits packages to support your business and its greatest asset: your employees. From essential health coverage to dental, vision, and beyond, we provide a robust selection of benefits tailored to your team’s diverse needs. Whether you operate a small startup or a large corporation, our plans enhance employee well-being and job satisfaction, fostering a healthy, motivated workplace. Our comprehensive benefits solutions are crafted with your company’s unique culture and goals in mind, ensuring your team feels valued and protected.

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Our personal insurance coverage is comprehensive yet simplified, tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you own multiple properties with domestic staff, vintage automobiles, valuable collectibles, or luxury assets like yachts or personal aircraft, we ensure you’re adequately covered to protect not only these assets but you and your family when the unforeseen happens. Our personalized liability and security solutions are crafted to align with you and your lifestyle, offering peace of mind to enjoy what you have.